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FAQ - Troubleshoot

Trouble Shoot Problems in making a long distance call

Unable to make long distance calls? Reasons might include:
  • Restriction of your long-distance calling service if your payments are not current
  • Physical problems at a telephone switch
  • Your Call Forwarding service may be activated
An international call is not connecting

Unfortunately, many other countries do not have the kind of technology we enjoy in the United States. Foreign phone lines may become jammed during peak times, and calls may not connect. If possible, please try to place your call at a less busy time of day. If this suggestion does not allow you to complete your call, please contact us again.

I have problem hearing the other party on an international call How often does this problem occur?
  • Occationally when calling certain foreign countries. It is likely the result of poor phone technology in the country that you are calling. Some countries have older equipment and cannot maintain the level of service we enjoy here in the United States.
  • Every time you place an international call. If the problem occurs each time you place an international call, please contact VTX
  • During all domestic and international calls. This is probably a local phone service problem, and not the result of your long distance provider.

However, you may want to try the following:

Check the equipment. If you are hearing static, the first thing to do is to make sure that there isn't a problem with any of your equipment. To test your equipment:

  • Unplug the phone from its wall jack.
  • Plug a working phone into the jack.
  • Check to see if static persists.

If the problem persists: Contact us if VTX is your current long distance service provider.

If you determine that we are not your long distance provider, you will need to contact your current long distance provider to resolve the problem.

My calls are not going through?
  • Problem with long distance calls only: Are you having trouble only when you try to place a long distance call? If so, please contact us.
  • Problem with all calls: This is probably a local phone service problem, and not the result of your long distance provider. Contact your local phone service provider.
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