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Case Studies

A well-design telecom network and infrastructure could save companies money and increase productivity. Not sure what your options are and what they can do? While we have dedicated Account Managers to provide you with appropriate recommendations based on your business nature and goals, we have also compiled case studies of the solutions we have provided to our customers in different industries and business sizes to show you how an effective telecom network could help your business increase bottom line.

The possibility becomes infinite when you have a fully functional telecommunication system and your business objectives are much closer to reach than you think.

Manufacturer / Importer / Exporter / Wholesale
Increase internal communication and operation efficiency
International Travel Agency
A complete communication network with flexibility, mobility and simplicity
Call Center
Help call center reduce telecom Cost by 50%
Retail Chain
Partner with retail chain’s IT department saving the company tens of thousands of cash outlay
Real Estate Agency
Enhance mobility to bring convenience and productivity
Web Publisher
VTX Media & Data Center allows online businesses big headroom for growth
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