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VTX Media & Data Center Allows Online Businesses Big Headroom for Growth

ABC Chronicle is one of the leading ethnic media that is looking to enhance its information Website operations to stay ahead of this emerging industry. The organization is seeking a solution to manage round-the-clock business operations that rely heavily on online services to generate valuable advertising revenue and be more cost-effective to manage and better handling of large fluctuations in traffic volume. Nowadays, customers and users expect fast responses during peak demand and the availability of more multimedia content.


  • High scalability to accommodate both sudden and long-term increases in customer demand and to have an environment where it is quick and simple to deploy new products and services.
  • Cost-effective and resource-efficient way to enrich user experience.
  • Its online revenue model is visitor-driven and, with more than 100,000 daily hits across its online media channels, it is vital that ABC's website runs at 100 percent availability. Every lost hit is lost revenue.
  • Bandwidth bottle necks to enable fast user experience as multimedia streaming demands increase.

VTX Solutions:

  • VTX Colocation services offer Dedicated Servers for ABC's website, content management and streaming servers so that routine server maintenance, network securities are taken care by VTX, freeing up internal resources.  No capital expenditures for hardware purchases.
  • Set up a T1 between ABC and VTX, so that the colocated web server is segregated from business operations applications and database which can still reside at ABC's premises.  Hence, the bandwidth utilization will not interfere with each module's own performance.
  • By colocating at VTX facility, bandwidth availability will no longer be an issue as the site's hit rate increases.  ABC's web traffic will not face congestions, as the bandwidth will no longer be restrained from the number of T1s available at their office, nor need to order even larger capcity circuits just to ease the peak hours.  VTX offers Pay-as-you-go bandwidth billing methods, so circuit/bandwidth commitments are not required.  Our PAYG billing method is like billing you for the number of gallons of waters you use.  It's that simple.
  • The solution also gives ABC Chronicle a foundation and large headroom to grow their online business without any restraints in the future.
This case study was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to create customer privacy.
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