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Retail Chains

VTX Partners with Retail Chain's IT Department Saving the Company Tens of Thousands of Cash Outlay

With more than 30 retail outlets and distribution centers nationwide and headquarter located in Southern California, Fortune Supermarket Inc. understands the importance of Information Management and data analysis in order to stay ahead of competition.

Fortune IT department faces the challenges of building a fail-proof network in order to reduce manual logistics, and speeding up data transmission to achieve the ultimate business goals of increasing customer satisfaction and beating competition on reactive pricing strategies.


  • Credit card processing, daily goods sold transactions data transmission inventory and pricing updates to mitigate customer cues at each point of sales.
  • Cost effective inter-store and headquarter communication.
  • Network visibility in order for efficient troubleshoot.
  • Weekly Store Managers' meeting, and deliveries of data back ups.

VTX Solutions:

  • VTX helped Fortune IT Department with T1 migration at each location to establish MPLS IP VPN, establishing a fully meshed topology and prioritizing video, audio and data packets
  • Deploy VoIP communication to allow FREE inter-location calls, simply dialing an extension, saving 35% of monthly long distance expenses
  • Video conferencing, to save travel expenses and time
  • Scheduled automatic pricing updates and utilizing the network to perform data back up after store hours, saving store managers hassle for daily back up chores and avoid human errors or delivery delays
  • vNOC- a virtual Network Operation Center web tool with reporting for the IT Manager to monitor and manage its network in real-time
  • 24X7 VTX Network Monitoring
  • VTX provided all data communication equipments as part of the service, enabling Fortune to upgrade its network without investing in any hardware purchases and no cash outlays, saving Fortune tens of thousands of dollars
This case study was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to create customer privacy.
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