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Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

Enhance Mobility to Bring Convenience and Productivity

New Era Real Estate has 10 agents working in its busy Los Angeles office handling more than 120 cases at a time. Daily operation includes lots of inbound and outbound calls between customers and agents, and agents are often out in the field meeting with clients. It has become a constant challenge for the agents to stay connected with company’s network and access important data when they are out visiting clients.


  • With limited resources and budget, Mr. Chang, the owner of New Era is under constant stress over IT issues, either network or PC related.
  • While most agents are constantly in the fields, it means business opportunity lost when calls are not received in the office
  • Send and receive faxes when out in the fields

VTX Solutions:

  • IP Centrex allows the agents to forward their office extensions to their cell phone, so that they can remain mobile and not lose any new business opportunities
  • With VTX Fax to Email application, New Era agents can easily send faxes from their laptop or receive faxes in their email even without a fax machine
This case study was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to create customer privacy.
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