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Increase Internal Communication and Operation Efficiency

Midas Furniture Inc. is a Los Angeles based furniture company that wholesales and retails office furniture to its customers all over the US. With two factories in both Shanghai and Taiwan to accommodate large amount of orders, small sales offices in Chicago and New Jersey, and warehouse near its LA office, Midas Furniture is in need of communication channels in different levels. As the company expands it is difficult for management to obtain real-time reporting on sales, inventory, production and shipping status from various locations. The increase of long distance communication is also becoming a large overhead.


  • Reduce costs on frequent domestic and international long distance calls are being made between offices, clients and factories
  • Reduce lost fax and paper trail
  • Enabling heavy upload and download of large image and graphic files
  • A platform for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications.
  • With factories in Asia, sales office in Chicago, Midas also needs a secured channel to share data and host online conferences.

VTX Solutions:

  • Deploy an MPLS IP VPN network to be able provide mission critical tasks and data transmission.
  • Carrier-grade virus and firewall protection, email and content filtering to minimize the risks of network intrusions.
  • As Midas offices and manufactories are geographically dispersed across the continents and Greater China, IP Centrex (IP PBX) system allows free inter-offices communications.
  • Call inter-routing policies to centralizes in-bound calls in covering different time zones.
  • Fax to email application to ensure that no fax will be lost, can be archived in electronic format and retrievable while Sales personnel are traveling.

This case study was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to create customer privacy.

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