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VTX Helps Call Center Reduce Telecom Cost By 50%

Symbio is an emerging Call Center or Business Process Outsourcing player located in the Philippines. It delivers inbound and outbound, domestic and international telemarketing, customer support and direct response services to Small and Medium scale businesses across the globe whether the client needs 20 seats or 1500 seats.

Sustaining profitability and gaining competitive advantages rely heavily on having a quality and cost efficient telecom network in place. As Symbio sets out to address evolving client needs, they knew that they needed a reliable Telco, flexible enough to keep up with their clients' customization needs while keeping termination prices competitive.


  • Expandability, since the number of phone lines depends on customers' campaign size, time period and geographic locations, the flexibility and speed required to expand and retract call capacity is a crucial success factor for Symbio.
  • Since Symbio is an offshore call center with Clients and their target market in disparate locations, international termination cost becomes a large overhead.
  • Call routing policies are important to balance call volume.
  • Customization and support responsiveness to react quickly to customers' requests and specifications.

VTX Solutions:

  • Offer low cost but quality IPLC and T1 connections.
  • Colocate Symbio's call center switch at VTX facility, including the dialer, PSTN and VoIP gateways. This provides Symbio a variety of choices to interconnect with major carriers and ISPs, backed by fail-proof redundancy, and carrier grade quality of service.
  • Enjoy carrier capacities and scalability with short notice, at the same time offer Toll-free number portability from carrier to carrier and U.S. 48 state local access numbers.
  • Leveraging on VTX's carrier neutrality and bargaining power, international termination costs reduced up to 50%.
  • VTX 24X7 network monitoring and engineer remote hand for on-going maintenance and troubleshoot.
  • vNOC, a web tool that allows Symbio's IT team to view and manipulate call volumes and status, modify routing policies, and perform other administrative functions effortlessly in real-time.
This case study was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to create customer privacy.
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